NFL Fantasy Football App Reviews

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Love this app

Enables the maximum enjoyment of the nfl while simultaneously making it user friendly and accessible.

Good but not great

It wont let you leave if you accidentally join a league but other than that the app is pretty much good


When I create a league, it wont show up anywhere


I wouldve expected better. Not easy to navigate, made even more infuriating by ad popping up every time you attempt to move.

Not optimized for Just wow

Unreal that this wont work well for 6s+. Terrible app

*UPDATE* For iPhone 6Plus

It would look and be a lot better.

No app updates sync March?!?

I hope you guys have some feature updates planned for the upcoming 216 season. Its already late June and ther hasnt been an app updat since March. Ill be leaving this site and taking the rest of the league with me unless I see some progress in the coming weeks.

Seriously? No iPhone 6 Plus support?

If you are on the fence between ESPN and NFL, run away now! ESPN app is more user-friendly and not archaic like this one. BOO.

I give up on you guys

Its absolutely ridiculous that you guys havent listened to any of us. This ap has barely changed over the last 3-4 years. I would think that you all would actually take the time to make improvements. Ive wrote multiple reviews and nothing has been considered. I dont plan on writing on what needs work. You guys know exactly what needs to be done so DO IT!!! ESPN fantasy football ap blows this one out of the water

Great but has some minor issues.

I absolutely love this app and play in many leagues! Although there are minor issues and bugs that Id like fixed. An obvious example of one of these problems is that it no longer shows the dates of NFL-runned leagues drafts. This is frustrating but you could assume that the top drafts are the most recent. Also, in one of my mock drafts it wouldnt let me pick the players I wanted. But other than that, keep up the good work!


Update for iPhone 6 or 6 Plus cause I cant get into the game it says Username taken but then its not

Leaving a league

It flat out will Not let you leave a league if you accidentally join it. Im now stuck with two troll leagues on my page because of horrible programming. As stated by others, use ESPN or Yahoo, this is a waste of time. NFL doesnt understand technology because the people who run it dont. It took years just to get a camera at the goal line. Herpa derpa

Display issues need to be fixed

Please optimize for iPhone 6. I cant even see the team at the bottom when I try to scroll down the list

Awesome fantasy app

Great way to keep yourself busy and mind challenging but I just wish there was a prize or gift card for finishing as champion

Great app

This app makes everything so easy, especially changing a lineup right before a game!

Easy To Use, But Need Improvement

This app is very simple to understand but needs improvements, one of them is that it will be way better if you can actually be graded after every Mock Draft so you can actually see how you did or at least see how you are getting ready for the actual Draft. Another issue is that when you go into the league lobby you cant even scroll down to see all the other player on your league. So PLEASE UPDATE THIS APP AND FIX THESE SIMPLE ISSUES AND DONT FORGET TO LISTEN TO US...

Gone down hill..

Were less than 2 months till the start of the 2016 season and it hasnt been updated since March. Not to mention they havent even optimized it for iPhone 6s. It looks terrible and it hasnt changed in about 3 years. Come on NFL..

Cool but

Excellent but when optimization for iPhone 6 and 6S Plus ?!

Ótimo App

Need some upgrades, some bugs

Sluggish but good!

It is slow on the ipad 3rd gen. but it gets the job done well.

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